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Posted by Stephen Cook on

Thanks for all you are doing to spread the good news of Jesus Christ!

Radio talk show content
Posted by Emily on

I am a fan of WayFM, and listen to the station often. I have to say that often when I am listening, I often change the station when show hosts began to just "chat". I think that conversation on a Christian radio station has the ability to make a HUGE impact, and I think this time is often wasted by talking about pop culture (things that are the focus of secular stations) and the personal daily lives of the radio hosts. I think that if between music and advertisements, Way FM could be broadcasting hundreds of people's personal testimonies (not just those that include the radio station)... You would have the opportunity to share the Gospel through individual stories and bring all the glory to our Savior! I understand that people enjoy calling in and sharing about "a bad habit they've picked up from a family member" or whatever the show's topic may be, but what a missed opportunity to talk about things that will matter in eternity! Thank you for what you are doing, praying that Christian radio shows worldwide will continue to spread the saving news of Jesus Christ!

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