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EEO Public Info

WAYJ EEO Public File Report

10/1/12 – 9/30/13


WAY-FM Media Group, Inc., the licensee of Station WAYJ, is a religious broadcaster as defined by the regulations of the Federal Communications Commission.  See 47 C.F.R. §73.2080(c)(1); Review of the Commissions’s Broadcast and Cable Equal Employment Opportunity Rules and Policies, 17 FCC Rcd. 24018 (2002).  As a religious broadcaster, WAY-FM Media Group, Inc. has established a religious qualification for all employee positions at WAYJ.  In accordance with the FCC’s rules, WAY-FM Media Group, Inc. makes reasonable, good faith efforts to recruit applicants, without regard to race, color, national origin or gender, among those who are qualified based for employment on their religious belief or affiliation.  Listed below are the full-time vacancies filled during this reporting period, followed by a master list of recruitment sources used during the period to solicit applicants.



See the Master Recruitment Source List (MRSL) in the next section for recruitment source data.

  • RS = Recruitment Source
  • Job Title: Insert job title for each opening filled
    —example: Station Engineer
  • RS Used to fill vacancy: Insert numbers corresponding to the RSs to solicit applicants for this opening; numbered list appears in next section of this report
    —example: 1-10, 15, 18-23
  • RS Referring Hiree: Insert number of RS that produced person hired
    —example: 23


Job Title  Recruitment Services (RS)
Used To Fill Vacancy 
 RS Referring Hire
Heidi Short 22 22




(For each recruitment sources used to solicit applicants for any job during the reporting period, insert (1) recruitment source name, (2) name or title of contact person, (3) full mailing address, if available, and (4) telephone number).


RS Number RS Information
1 Cornerstone, 3220 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd., Ft. Myers, FL 33916
2 University of Florida, Career Resource Center G-1 Reitz Union Gainesville FL 32611
3 FGCU, Career Department, 10501 FGCU Blvd. S. Estero, FL 33965
4 Edison College, Career Center, 8099 College Pkwy., Ft. Myers, FL 33919
5 Mt. Olive AME Church, 2754 Orange St., Ft. Myers, FL 33916
6 Community Voice, Charles Weaver, 3046 Lafayette St., Ft. Myers, FL 33916
7 Ft. Myers Chamber of Commerce, 13601 McGregor Blvd., Ft. Myers, FL 33919
8 Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce, 2051 Cape Coral Pkwy., 33904
9 Bonita Community Center, Bonita Spgs., FL
10 N.A.A.C.P., Kernaa H. Lies 1409 W 30th St Riveria Beach FL 33404
11 Cedarville University, 251 N. Main St., Cedarville, OH 45314
12 Northwestern College, St. Paul, MN
13 Connecticut School of Broadcasting, 3450 Northlake Blvd Ste110 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403-1712
14 Palm Beach Community College, Joanne Patton 3160 P.G.A. Boulevard West Palm Beach FL 33410
15 WAY-FM Media Group, David Senes 1012 McEwen Drive Franklin, TN 37067
16 All Access
18 CRW
19 Radio & Records, Lisa Linares 10100 Santa Monica Blvd., 3rd Floor Los Angeles, CA 90067-4004 Fax # 310-203-8727 E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
20 Ft. Myers News Press, Fowler St., Ft. Myers, FL
21 Christian Chamber of Southwest Florida, attn. Jeanne Sweeney – 481-1411
22 WAYJ On-Air Advertisement


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