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Please Play Shawn McDonald!
Posted by Jordan on

Hey! There is a new Shawn McDonald song.. it's called Brave and it's really good! I would love to hear it on Ft. Myers WAYFM :) Thanks! J

Casting Crowns Dream for you
Posted by Stacey on

Please play this song. It it awesome!

Send me concert announcements
Posted by Steve on


The Booth Brothers The River Keeps A-Rolling
Posted by Dean Shaffer on

Could you Play this song it's really good

Play what you say
Posted by Paula Dietz on

How do I sign up for this I don't see a link on your website? Or else I'm just blind as a bat! thanks, Paula

Posted by Paula Dietz on

How do I find play what you say?

Yesterday afternoon listening question
Posted by Lupe Foster on

The gal that was speaking yesterday, around 4ish in the afternoon was asking about eye twitching. I was experiencing the same thing. An eye doctor told me that is caused by "not enough sleep or too much caffeine." Either way, I too did not like it. But I found something that really helped me. It's called: all about eyes serum by Clinique. I found my tube at Dillards. It's not cheap, but it lasts forever and it works wonders on my eye twitching without any side affects. Let me know if this helps. God bless you.

Posted by Maggie Vaillant on


I love way Fm
Posted by Maggie Vaillant on

Make my day every day

love Broken Beautiful
Posted by Lori on

Please play it more often

Thank you for playing Broken Beautiful right now
Posted by Lori on

Character problem. empty comment

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